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Custom Welding North Carolina - Welding Company NC

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If you are looking for a welding company in NC, that does custom welding, you've come to the right place. Glover's Custom welding company can design any welding project including gates, rails, water tower corals, water tower antennas, cell phone towers and more. For more information about our welding fabrication shop and methods, feel free to contact us for custom welding North Carolina.

Contact Glovers Welding

Glover's Welding
638 Oak Grove Church Rd.
Littleton, NC 27850

Phone: (252) 586-7692

  • Welded Bell Tower In Progress
    Bell Tower in Progress
  • Church Bell Tower Welding Project
    Bell Tower in Progress
  • Custom Designed Church Bell Tower by Glovers Custom Welding North Carolina
    Custom Designed Church Tower Complete
  • Cluster Brackets - Welding Project
    Cluster Brackets
  • Welded Gates by Glovers Welding Company NC
    Custom Gate - Off-Set Cradle
  • Custom Iron Gates by Glovers Welding Company North Carolina
    Custom Gates
  • Custom Gate Design by Glovers Welding
    Custom Gates
  • Custom Powder Coated Handrail - Welder NC
    Custom Powdered Coated Handrail
  • Custom Iron Fences - Welded Fences
    Custom Iron Fences
  • Aluminum Dock Ladder Lake Gaston
    Aluminum Dock Ladder
  • Fork Lift Painting by Glovers Welding Littleton NC
    Fork Lift Before Painting
  • Painted Fork Lift by Glovers Welding Littleton NC
    Fork Lift After Painting
  • Custom Aluminum Truck Bed designed by Glovers Welding Littleton NC
    Custom Aluminum Truck Bed