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Commercial & Industrial Welding & Painting Services

Professional storage or water tank cleaning has substantial impacts with regard to maintaining the physical structure and reliability of the tanks. Over a period of time, bacteria, dirt, mildew and mold may cause the tower's paint surface to crack, peel and flake. All of which leads to rust forming on the surface which will eventually weaken the structure of the tank. Glover’s Welding, LLC specializes in storage and water tank cleaning to help prevent such damage. We clean and safely remove bacteria, dirt, mold and mildew stains on the exterior and interior sides of water towers and water storage tanks using sand blasting & pressure washing technology. After which we apply special coatings and standard industry compliant chemicals before putting the tank back in service. We use epoxy, polyurethane, enamel and zinc paints from Sherwin Williams or Tnemec Coatings.

In addition to storage and water tank painting & repair, we also service and maintain manholes, ground storage tanks and fire storage tanks. We can also waterproof concrete tanks using a Krystol T1 & T2 coating system or install a CIM 1000 rubberized coating on your bolted tanks. Waste Treament Plants Clarifer blasting and coatings of concrete and steel is yet another specialty service we provide.

We will be happy to provide you estimates - and provide service agreements and painting contracts upon request. Contact Glover's Welding, LLC today!

Repair / Clean / Install

  • Manholes

  • Ground Storage Tanks

  • Fire Storage Tanks

  • Ladders

  • Safety Climbs

  • Safety Signs

  • Overflow Piping

  • Frost Free Valves

  • Flapper Valves

  • Truss Repairs

  • Mixing Systems

  • Repair Holes

  • Seam Floors

  • Tank Inspections

  • Messenger Pipes

  • Cluster Brackets

  • Antennas

  • Corrals

Contact Glovers Welding

Glover's Welding
638 Oak Grove Church Rd.
Littleton, NC 27850

Phone: (252) 586-7692

Industries Served

  • Power & Utility

  • Water Treatment

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Petrol Refinery

  • Munitions Process Facilities

  • Food & Beverage

  • Phosphates & Fertilizer Facilities (Mining & Screening)

  • Communications

  • Manufacturing

  • Cement & Lime

  • Military / Government

  • Private Commercial

Water & Storage Tank Services

  • Sand Blasting

  • Pressure Washing

  • Tank Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Painting Interior / Exterior

  • Floor Grouting

  • Handrail Installation & Repair

  • Waste Treament Plants Clarifer blasting and coatings of concrete and steel

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